Boating Videos

Recommended videos about boating safety, handling, and other boating topics.

 Slips, Trips and Falls

This video examines the basic causes of many boating injuries. You will learn the dangers of them, and how to lessen the chances of having a slip, trip or fall.


Wear a Life Jacket!

A life jacket can’t help you in an emergency if you aren’t wearing it. Also, in most cases Florida regulations require children under 6 to wear a life jacket on vessels under 26 feet in length.




Life Jackets for Children

How do you select a life jacket for a child? Watch the video to find out.

Defensive Boating

When driving on the roads, you practice defensive driving by maintaining situational awareness of the cars around you, the road, signs, and other important items.  When boating, you need to do the same thing, maintain situational awareness of the boats around you, weather, Aids to Navigation, and hazards.  Check out the video for more.